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OTV from Romania

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OTV (short for Oglinda Television, Oglindă meaning "Mirror" in Romanian) is a controversial Romanian TV channel owned by Dan Diaconescu, best known for its talk show, "Dan Diaconescu Live". It was banned between 2002 and 2003, officially for inciting to racial hatred and calling for discrimination during an unmoderated show with extreme-right politician Corneliu Vadim Tudor. OTV argued that the ban was actually an abuse and an act of censorship made by politicians in power that were the subjects of investigation by the channel. The channel has very often been criticized for its sensationalist attempts and parodies that are very common on other Romanian channels, largely due to its obsession with subjects as well as its subversive nature. OTV's influence over Romanian pop culture is growing unaffected despite the criticisms, many subjects and quotes featured becoming well known catchphrases in Romania.
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Watch OTV on the official website www.otv.com.ro